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We will not sleep until every American has experienced Modern Acupuncture®. Read and watch the healing stories from Modern Acupuncture® patients all around the U.S.

acupuncture relaxing

“The space is clean and beautiful, with a pristinely clean entrance. The staff was knowledgeable and asked questions about my diagnosis. Treatment is in a large, elegant shared spaced with controlled lighting and relaxing music. Beautiful nature scenes are displayed on the screens in front of each seat, and a curtain divides seating. The request to use “whisper voices” is made before entrance into the Zen Lounge to maintain a relaxing ambiance.”
- Shawna

acupuncture optimal

“I started going to Modern Acupuncture about 4 months ago with lower back pain and a shoulder injury. I am 48 years old, avid golfer in addition to a player of multiple sports. I have tried acupuncture before with good results, but I was never comfortable with other facilities. The intimate atmosphere makes for an amazing experience every time I go in. They are truly wonderful people who care about your health.”
- Charles

acupuncture pain free

“I have osteoarthritis and am in constant pain. I was willing to try anything. After five sessions I had two consecutive pain free days. No drug, no cream. This is a very, very big deal. I haven’t had a pain free day in a very long time. It’s comfortable and relaxing- I fall asleep most of the time. They make me tea to take home and genuinely care. Highly recommended!”
- Kimmey

acupuncture intense

“I told a friend I was in so much pain I would eat a frog if it would go away. She recommended I try Modern Acupuncture. This was my first-time experiencing acupuncture and now I am a believer. Acupuncture relieved my intense pain due to stress quickly. The clinic is so relaxing, and the acupuncturists are compassionate and professional.”
- Monica

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